Frank Juma Ong'ondo

Frank Juma Ong’ondo standing in front of a tree with binoculars in his hands

Frank is investigating how shade coffee can harbor forest-associated species of birds in Kenya. Previous research has shown that coffee farms in the Neotropics can provide good habitat for birds, but it remains uncertain how well coffee supports birds strongly associated with forests, and much less work on this topic has been done in Africa. Frank is comparing and contrasting bird abundance and diversity between shade coffee farms in central Kenya and adjacent natural forests of Karura forest and Ngong road forest. His analysis will reveal which Kenyan forest bird species are and are not able to occupy shade coffee farms. This understanding will help clarify the role of natural forests and agriculture in Kenyan bird conservation and help inform land use planning that incorporates the management and diversification of the anthropogenic matrix in which natural areas are embedded.