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Brian Fagundes

Travis Farwell

Travis Farwell

Janelle Chojnacki


Leigh Douglas

Leigh Douglas

Sydney McCluskey

Sydney McCluskey

Steffen Peterson

Rebecca Carniello

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Evelyn Lichwa

Evelyn Lichwa

Sara Moriarty-Graves

Leigh Douglas

Leigh Douglas

Frank Juma Ong'ondo

Frank Juma Ong’ondo standing in front of a tree with binoculars in his hands

Tiana Williams-Claussen

Tiana Williams-Claussen in the field holding a large bird

Samantha Chavez

Samantha Chavez

Jaime Carlino

Jaime Carlino

Laura Echávez

Laura Echávez

Ashley Hansen

Ashley Hansen holding an owl



Makenzie Henk, 2021

Thesis: Using noninvasive genetic sampling with a Bayesian spatial capture-recapture analysis to estimate abundance of Roosevelt Elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti)
Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Makenzie Henk


Kachina Rowland , 2020

Thesis:  Female-female competition in Steller’s Jays.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Claire Nasr, 2019

Thesis: Identifying spatial overlap and seasonal variation between human and seabird use along the Trinidad Coast to better predict timing and location of potential disturbance events
Advisor: Daniel Barton

Claire Nasr

Matt Delgado , 2019

Thesis:  Achromatic plumage in Aleutian Cackling Geese.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Elizabeth Morata , 2018

Thesis:  North Coast peregrine falcon ecology.
Advisor: Jeff Black

Genevieve Rozhon , 2018

Thesis:  Habitat selection by wintering rough-legged hawks. 
Advisor: Jeff Black


Kelly Commons , 2017

Thesis:  Steller’s jay social system.
Advisor: Jeff Black

Trinity Tippin , 2017

Thesis:  Steller’s jay vocalizations. 
Advisor: Jeff Black


Alexis Dejoannis, 2016

Thesis: A description of pre-alternate molt in snowy plovers.
Advisor: Mark Colwell


Derek Harvey , 2015

Thesis:  Steller’s jay innovation. 
Advisor: Jeff Black

Brendan Leigh , 2015

Thesis:  American wigeon foraging behavior. 
Advisor: Jeff Black


Bryan Daniels , 2014

Thesis:  Brant foraging behavior
Advisor: Jeff Black


Josh Cocke , 2013

Thesis:  Aleutian goose breeding biology. 
Advisor: Jeff Black

Betsy Elkinton, 2013

Thesis:  Brant foraging behavior. 
Advisor: Jeff Black

Will Goldenberg , 2013

Thesis:  Steller’s jay use of landscape.
Advisor: Jeff Black

Katlin Overeem , 2013

Thesis:  Steller’s jay extra-pair behavior.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Pia Gabriel , 2012

Thesis:  Steller’s jay behavioural syndromes.Technische Universität München, Germany.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Christina Rockwell , 2011

Thesis:  Foraging selectivity in Steller’s jays.
Advisor: Jeff Black

Jen Terry Zalewski , 2011

Thesis:  Environmental stress in River Otter. 
Advisor: Jeff Black

Jeff Zirpoli , 2011

Thesis:  Plumage ornaments and immunocompetence in Steller’s jays. 
Advisor: Jeff Black


Kyle Spragens , 2010

Thesis:  Aleutian goose response to facilitation by livestock grazing regimes in coastal pastures. 
Advisor: Jeff Black

Penny Spiering Becker, 2010

Thesis: The genetics, behaviour and success of African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (PhD)
Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther


Chris West , 2009

Thesis:  Vigilance in reintroduced California condors: the impact of early-rearing experience. 
Advisor: Jeff Black


Dominic Bachman , 2008

Thesis:  Aleutian goose response to manipulated nutrients in coastal pastures. 
Advisor: Jeff Black

Susannah Ferson , 2008

Thesis:  Response of eelgrass to simulated grazing by black geese.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Emily Bjerre , 2007

Thesis:  Black brant forage optimally for gizzard grit.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Chris Tonra, 2006

Thesis: Hatching Synchrony in Brown-Headed Cowbirds: The influence of host density, chick gender, and habitat.
Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Chris Tonra bio photo


Anne Mini , 2005

Thesis:  Energetic expenditure of Aleutian Canada geese experiencing different management regimes.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Ken Griggs , 2003

Thesis:  Parental investment in Western Canada geese.
Advisor: Jeff Black

Jeff Moore , 2003

Thesis:  Black brant foraging on eelgrass in Humboldt Bay, CA.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Derek Lee , 2002

Thesis:  Spring stopover of black brant geese at Humboldt Bay, CA.
Advisor: Jeff Black


John Quinn , 2000

Thesis:  Relationship between red-breasted geese and peregrine falcons during the breeding season, Oxford University, England.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Friederike Woog , 1999

Thesis:  Dominance and dispersal of Hawaiian geese, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Glynn Young , 1995

Thesis: The systematic position of Meller's Duck: a behavioural approach, University of Kent, England.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Ute Zillich , 1993

Thesis:  Social behaviour of Hawaiian geese, University of Bonn, Germany
Advisor: Jeff Black

Friederike Woog , 1993

Thesis:  Ecology of Hawaiian geese in habitats of Haleakala National Park, Maui, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.
Advisor: Jeff Black


Sharmila Choudhury , 1992

Thesis:  Mate choice in barnacle geese, Oxford University.
Advisor: Jeff Black