Jennie Jones Scherbinski

Graduation Year: 

My interest in wildlife conservation has been clear ever since founding the Endangered Species Club in the third grade. After completing my undergraduate degree at University of Colorado, Boulder, I pursued my interest in endangered species while spending 6 years working for the California Condor Recovery Program. Working with the condors, only furthered my passion to work with imperiled wildlife and sparked a particular interest in finding adaptive ways for humans and wildlife to coexist and even benefit from sharing the landscape. For my thesis, I will be studying a very different endangered species, the Point Arena Mountain Beaver (PAMB). Despite being the most primitive living rodent, limited research has been done on mountain beavers and this California endemic subspecies is now threatened with extinction. My focus will be studying biological and ecological variables to help understand the best ways to manage a mixed use landscape for PAMB conservation. I am eager to study the habits of these elusive animals and hopefully contribute to their recovery.