Scholarships & Awards

Open to Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Friends of the Arcata Marsh (FOAM) Research Grants for HSU students

More Information on FOAM grants.

Joan E. Brenson Memorial Scholarship

Applications will be evaluated based on previous academic performance and the academic record at HSU, as well as demonstrable financial eligibility. The applicant must have a major in Fisheries, Forestry, Environmental Science, NRPI, Rangeland Resources and Wildland Soils, Wildlife, Oceanography, Watershed Management, or Wastewater Utilization. Must have at least 3.0 GPA. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply.

Floyd Lobree Memorial Scholarship

An award is available for currently enrolled Humboldt State University students in forestry, wildlife, or NRPI majors; financial need; academic achievement.

Richard J. Guadagno Memorial Scholarships

Must be an enrolled student (min. of 6 units/semester) pursuing an undergraduate (juniors and seniors only) or graduate degree in natural resources and sciences major at Humboldt State University. Must be able to participate in scholarship orientation. More information on Richard Guadagno Scholarships.

Open to Graduate Students Only

Marin Rod and Gun Club

Two awards of $1500.00 are awarded each academic year. Applications usually are solicited during the fall semester and students are notified before the end of the semester. Applicants must be enrolled in the Wildlife graduate program, have an approved proposal, and be conducting research during the academic year of the award. Criteria for the award include scientific merit of the proposal, grade point average, financial need, proximity of proposed research to Marin County, and residence of the student (preference given, in order, to Marin County residents, California residents, U.S. residents).

Koplin Award

Candidates are nominated by the faculty, and the major professor will provide a letter of support and appropriate documentation. Criteria for consideration include grade point average, leadership, professional promises, and publications. Any candidate must have completed her/his thesis in August or December prior to nomination.